'Brigade' - a specialist subdivision of a group with a characteristic in common.

Maintaining ECCO Leather and Innovation Lab ECCO’s on-going collaborative process, the ‘AW19 Brigade’ collection showcases high-tech, Winter-ready bonded leathers and Scandinavian aesthetics with re-worked classic styles. Nordic comfort meets advanced craftmanship.

This season, we feature hacks of iconic ECCO styles such as the award-winning Exostrike and models from our acclaimed collaboration with Nordic label The Last Conspiracy.

What are hacks? By deconstructing the main components of existing shoe styles, we then re-work them to create new hacked styles. Combining soles and uppers from various models, and replacing the upper material with high-tech functional leathers.

Get ready for the najaar (Dutch for Autumn-Winter) months. When the elements test us to the limits. From sunny days to thunder storms and deluge, ECCO’s advanced technical materials equip wearers for the unknown.

High-tech bonded leathers such as Canvas Bonded leather, Wool-fused leather and FSD-X Dyneema protect and resonant across 16 limited edition hacked styles.

Autumnal camo colourways form the core of the colour palette. Bright orange and mustard yellow highlights contrast and signify those last glints of Summer sun. A playful note on top of the underlying weatherproof functionality.