ECCO Mini Foam Cleaner

ECCO Mini Foam Cleaner

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This versatile foaming cleanser has a gentle formulation, which effectively cleans all materials to reveal a beautifully restored appearance. Safe for use with footwear that has a GORE-TEX® membrane, this essential first step in our Clean, Care and Protect system quickly removes grime and salt stains and keeps shoes looking good for longer.

ECCO clean care products are tested on ECCO shoes only and if used on a non-ECCO shoe it should be tested on a small invisible part first to avoid eventual discolouration.

- Multi-purpose Foam Cleanser for gentle and effective cleaning of all footwear

- Can be used on smooth leathers, nubuck, suede and fabrics to restore their appearance

- Handy 50ml neatly fits in your bag for cleaning on the go or to replenish your ECCO Essential Travel Kit

-  cleanser is water-based and self-foaming

- Effective on grime and salt stains