LUUM Shinebright

When light strikes the eye of an animal, this creates reflection.

LUUM combines the natural character of the leather with reflective technology.
For a subtle look on cold winter days and shining reflections throughout darker hours.


Dyneema® Bonded Leather is the thinnest yet strongest leather on the market. The unique collaboration between ECCO Leather and The Dyneema® Project reveals an innovative hybrid, combining Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber™ – with 0.4mm ultra-thin leather by ECCO Leather. A special lamination technique fuses the lightweight composite with premium bovine leather into a new category of material. The super thin leather becomes non-tearable or stretchable – however, still remaining a soft and luxurious handle.


Direct Injection Production (DIP®) bonds the sole to the upper in a single piece, for a seamless finish that makes each pair feel like an extension of your foot.