Re-claimed Softness features soft and playful Summer styles.
Inspired by the 80s, we bring back ECCO’s heritage footwear
in playful pastel colours and soft clean leathers.

The summer collection ranges from Artic White over pastels like Juditan,
Orchid and See Foam to classy black – in full grain and nubuck leathers.


A natural, soft nappa with a slightly dry and powdery touch. Celeste in French means ‘heavenly’ or ‘celestial’. This leather is inspired by the celeste organ, its rank of pipes produces an undulating or shimmering tone. Celeste is a natural, soft nappa. It has a slightly dry and powdery touch. The raw material is full grain steer cowhide which is why it is round and smooth to touch. It’s a high substance nappa which makes it perfect for sneakers.


Direct Injection Production (DIP®) bonds the sole to the upper in a single piece, for a seamless finish that makes each pair feel like an extension of your foot.