ECCO Leather

Since 1985, ECCO Leather has developed highly progressive leather qualities for some of the most iconic contemporary designers and brands. ECCO Leather is unique in their industry, supplying premium quality leather to ECCO shoe factories as well as other leading brands. 

At the same time, the strong bond between ILE and ECCO Leather brings a new edge to the footwear market: ECCO Leather designs and develops advanced, high-quality leathers at their very own tanneries, led by the R&D department at their headquarters in Dongen, NL. The results become visible within every single shoe at W-21.

It is part of ECCO Leather’s DNA to maintain the highest social and ethical standards. ECCO Leather is an active member of The Leather Working Group (LWG), which consists of brands, manufacturers, suppliers and NGO’s who strive for sustainable business practices within the industry. All of our tanneries are Gold rated by the LWG.

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