Advanced technology


Founded by shoemaker Karl Toosbuy in Denmark in 1963, ECCO footwear has since grown into a global brand with factories and retailers across the world. ECCO manages the entire manufacturing process from start to finish; ECCO designers develop the collections, ECCO owned tanneries produce the leather and ECCO owned factories make the shoes sold across the world. ECCO, from the very beginning, has fused together premium raw materials with dynamic comfort platforms to produce an unparalleled wearing experience for its consumer. With Innovation Lab ECCO (ILE), the footwear brand continues to innovate its core pillars – premium leather and dynamic comfort.

ECCO’s over half-century history in the footwear market and its innovative approach to comfort and leather proof a high level of expertise and experience. This is why every single product of the W-21 collections builds upon advanced technologies and treatments by ECCO, like Direct Injection Production, Hydromax leather treatment and BIOM C natural motion technology. 


The Direct Injection Technology (DIP®) by ECCO makes the sole of the shoe mould with the upper leather part. For a perfect footing and a lasting, seamless experience.


Hydromax is a leather treatment developed by ECCO that makes the leather weatherproofed and breathable at the same time. Because the treatment takes place throughout the tanning process, the water repellent characteristics become fully integrated into the leather and perform from the inside out. The leather remains soft and supple, ready to face any weather condition.


BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology is based on the natural shape and movement of the foot. It encourages the muscles and ligaments in your leg and foot to strengthen with every step — making your movements more efficient and smooth, and allowing for a more powerful push-off. BIOM’s key elements are reduced seam construction, an anatomical last which is designed to match the curves of your foot, low-to-the-ground construction, and easy flexibility. These features create an embracing glove-like fit that frees you to move with barefoot ease and efficiency.

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