QUANT-U is a footwear customisation project by Innovation Lab ECCO. For the first time, individual data is combined with in-store additive manufacturing to create customised silicone midsoles, quantified by the wearer. 

With QUANT-U, ILE is introducing functional customisation to the footwear market. The final product, a 3D printed midsole, is based on the wearer’s foot shape and natural movements – and paired with ECCO’s iconic Flexure shoe. The data-driven customised footwear will be available for an additional fee, on top of the regular price. QUANT-U is an evolution of the footwear industry, building on ECCO’s traditions and expertise in advanced manufacturing, materials, and footwear comfort. A new platform for footwear customisation.

QUANT-U will be available soon at W-21 Amsterdam and launching on the 28th of August 2019 at Isetan Shinjuku women's department in Tokyo, Japan.

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