W-21 is a retail testing environment of the Innovation Lab ECCO (ILE). With ILE, the Danish footwear brand ECCO brings its future vision to the market, pushing the limits of premium footwear, technology and design while creating advanced products that are most comfortable, high-quality and exclusive.

Every season, we introduce a new collection: by hacking the design of archived ECCO footwear, by pushing technological boundaries and by developing high-quality leathers in our own tannery ECCO Leather, in Dongen NL. We collaborate with guest designers and trust into sustainable collaborations that bring a new edge to our approach. Every collection is limited and solely available at W-21 Amsterdam.

With Amsterdam, ILE has found an inspirational fashion and tech hub in order to think free of boundaries and to build the store for the consumer of the future. Here, we stay true to our minimalistic design approach, where form follows function. We build upon ECCO’s advanced Direct Injection Technology that combines sole and upper shoe in a seamless way. And at the same time, we go unseen ways of creating advanced products.

W-21 is our experimental retail lab where we turn our vision into a unique experience for our customers. The store has been designed by our ILE designers, pushing shameless comfort, raw high-quality materials and best customer experiences. Every single aspect of the store brings our vision to life – and the journey has just started.

W-21 is derived directly from the shop’s address in Amsterdam’s unique 9-Streets neighbourhood where it is situated at Wolvenstraat 21. The new space was opened by ECCO Sko A/S as an experimental retail concept and testing environment.