ECCO Hacks

ECCO Hacks - BIOM C - Celeste - SEAFOAM/SEAFOAM - L3 - SS18V7

As one of our iconic styles, BIOM C has been fused with soft Celeste leather. Originally developed as the most biomechanically correct running shoe; at W-21 we hacked it as one of our core styles. The detailed signature sole provides shameless comfort and a true sense of motion, while the hidden lace adds to the minimalistic look and feel. BIOM C is athleisure at its best. 

Leather: Celeste. A natural, soft nappa with a slightly dry and powdery touch. 

Celeste in French means ‘heavenly’ or ‘celestial’. This leather is inspired by the celeste organ, its rank of pipes produces an undulating or shimmering tone. Celeste is a natural, soft nappa. It has a slightly dry and powdery touch. The raw material is full grain steer cowhide which is why it is round and smooth to touch. It is a high substance nappa which makes it perfect for sneakers.

Sole: BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® is based on the natural shape and movement of the foot. It encourages the muscles and ligaments in your leg and foot to strengthen with every step — making your movements more efficient and smooth, and allowing for a more powerful push-off. BIOM’s key elements are reduced seam construction, an anatomical last which is designed to match the curves of your foot, low-to-the-ground construction, and easy flexibility. These features create an embracing glove-like fit that frees you to move with barefoot ease and efficiency. Direct Injection Production bonds the sole to the upper in a single piece, for a seamless finish that makes each pair feel like an extension of your foot. 

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