ECCO Hacks

CREPETRAY - Ovid Dyneema - Desert Pink/Gum

CREPETRAY has proven itself throughout the last seasons and has now become hacked as a contemporary low-top design, paired with with ultra-thin and strong Dyneema® Bonded Leather. CREPETRAY reproduces the look and organic texture of conventional crepe soles. The result is an utterly modern take on the classic — distinguished by a milk-and-honey combination of integrated custom components.

Leather: Axian. Pebbled full grain Dyneema® Bonded Leather.

Technology: The modern rubber compound, featuring a rich translucent honey-like aspect, is recreated as an underfoot tray. Into this component, a reservoir of dynamic and comfortable PU is injected using ECCO's unique FLUIDFORM™ process. 

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