ECCO Hacks

ECCO Hacks - JACK X SOFT 8 - Luum HM/Pull Up - Black/Black - H4 - AW17V5

This high-top sneaker pushes leather and technology to a new level. The Shinebright Superhack is combined with a reflective technology that remains subtle throughout the day and gently shines when struck by light. A material innovation that brings a new edge to our iconic core piece. Eye-catching, contrasting and weatherproofed.

LUUM* finishing is comprised of microscopic glass beads suspended in the leather’s finish and thereby creates bright reflections when light shines at the same angle as the eye.

*from Tapetum Lucidum, the layer of tissue in an animal’s eye which illuminates when struck by moonlight


LUUM Leather: The natural character of the leather is combined with reflective technology. The grain gives depth as it is, highlighted in a subtle visual orchestra of light.


HYDROMAX™ treated leather for enhanced water repellence.


DIP® technology. Direct Injection Production bonds the sole to the upper in a single piece, for a seamless finish that makes each pair feel like an extension of your foot. 

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