ECCO Hacks

SOFT 2 - Arcus - SEAFOAM - L3

Hack SOFT 2.0 is a modern reinterpretation of ECCO’s first SOFT style which was launched in 1981 and became the bestselling ECCO shoe ever. With a distinctly urban influence and a coloured outsole, this sneaker is crafted with soft Arcus leather and brings back the heritage silhouette for modern leisure aesthetics. 

Leather: Arcus. A sanded nubuck leather with a milled pebble structure.

Arcus imitates the texture of a dense roll cloud. The leather combines a mixture of nubuck firmness in the fiber and luxurious softness, paired with a light finishing to refine the genuine look. The raw material is bovine cowhide. The long milling delivers the elegant look with a soft handle and a drapery effect, resulting in a uniform pebble surface. By buffing off the grain surface, Arcus shows a delicate texture and a delicately refined nap.

Sole: SOFT 2.0 has a one component PU outsole, which makes it super soft and flexible.

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