ECCO Hacks

ST1 - Maps/Sahara - ORCHID - L3

Following up on the success of ST.1 in the previous collection, this hack is now relaunched with soft and largely patterned Sahara leather. The modern design of hack ST.1 takes the history of the past and infuses it with the technology of the present. Athletic design mixes with leisure styles to form the hybrid ‘AthLeisure’. A functional, multi-grip SHOCKTHRU SD.TPU outsole with incorporated ‘toe bumper’ completes the package. 

Leather: Celeste. A natural, soft nappa with a slightly dry and powdery touch.


Celeste in French means ‘heavenly’ or ‘celestial’. This leather is inspired by the celeste organ, its rank of pipes produces an undulating or shimmering tone. Celeste is a natural, soft nappa. It has a slightly dry and powdery touch. The raw material is full grain steer cowhide which is why it is round and smooth to touch. It is a high substance nappa which makes it perfect for sneakers.

Sole: A three component sole unit incorporates the SHOCKTHRU SD.PU insert, bringing more than double the shock absorption and cushioning of previous ECCO SHOCK TECHNOLOGY to a street-ready hybrid sneaker. Visible tech inclusion highlights the SHOCKTHRU point nestled in a TPU outsole. The tech is not only visible within the sole unit, but is highlighted on the inside of ST.1 when the inlay sole is removed. 

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