ECCO Repel 125ml

ECCO Repel 125ml

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Defend your footwear and accessories from water and stains with this 125 ml Repel spray. Developed in the laboratory specifically to help maintain the unique look and characteristics of ECCO products for longer, this high quality, the naturally-based formula can be safely used on our GORE-TEX® footwear.

ECCO clean care  products are tested on ECCO shoes only and if used on a non-ECCO shoe it should be tested on a small invisible part first to avoid eventual discolouration.

- ECCO Repel spray provides an invisible and breathable protective coating that resists water and stains

- Non-aerosol, gas-free and PFC-free spray is environmentally friendly

- Formulated for use on a wide range of materials

- Manufactured using high quality, natural ingredients

- Part of our Clean, Care and Protect collection to maintain the original good looks of your ECCO shoes for longer