TREDTRAY W - Primaloft/Stout Celtis - Women
TREDTRAY W - Primaloft/Stout Celtis - Women
TREDTRAY W - Primaloft/Stout Celtis - Women
TREDTRAY W - Primaloft/Stout Celtis - Women
TREDTRAY W - Primaloft/Stout Celtis - Women

TREDTRAY PrimaloftStout Celtis - Women

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A biker-inspired look, this limited ECCO TREDTRAY boot is the ultimate choice for wintery days. Stylish two-tone features include a matte finish while the rubber lug outsole offers a grip for challenging conditions. 


Premium leather lining is soft and allows feet to breathe.

Fluidform direct injection process that uses fluid materials to follow our one-of-a-kind anatomical lasts and form the most comfortable base for your shoes. 

ECCO LEATHER - made in our own tanneries 

FSDX Primaloft®

Creating fused leather is the continuous challenge of seeking counter materials that complement leather character. Organic by nature and known for its strength, moist-wiccaning and durable qualities, fused leather adds versatility in heightened performance and look. 

Technical qualities that enhance our leather's natural character are represented in different functions, varying from strength and lightness in weight, to breathability and comfort. Fusing leather changes the natural leather grain. Through fusion, both materials adopt each other's aesthetics, resulting in a new surface, hand feel and behavior.

FSDX Primaloft®  the comfort of upscaled performance 

Indulge yourself in an elevated level of comfort and performance with FSDX Primaloft®. This high performance and plush memory leather delivers enhanced breathability.

Unmatched Softness and Hand-Feel

The Primaloft® Performance Fabric Vista Series combines high levels of comfort and performance with added durability. Primaloft® fabric features exceptional lightweight warmth and low moisture absorption for fast dry times. 

Warmth without the Weight

In addition, the technical benefits of Primaloft support the leather's strength, water-resistance and lightness in weight. Through fusion, both materials strengthen each other's aesthetics and technical qualities, revealing a new leather character, hand and functional properties.